End Closet Drama Now!

Closet drama: Declutter once and for all. Clear closet clutter and make way for clothes, shoes, and accessories you wear regularly and LoVe! Those are your friends!

  •  Does it fit?
  •  Do I wear it?
  •  Do I love it?

Do my clothes project the image I want to project?

Even if you love it, do you desire to wear it out? Be a brutal critic. If necessary, enlist a friend who feels comfortable enough to tell you if something is wrong for you. (but NOT someone who wears your dress, or shoe size…..they can’t be trusted.) 

  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Store clothing that does not fit you (but you still have a love affair with) in a plastic storage bin. When you reach your desired body, you can revisit your love of them. However, they are not your friends “RIGHT NOW”, so out they go!  

Next time you’re in a changing room and something doesn’t make you look great, I want you to say to yourself: “This is not MY FRIEND.”…When you walk out of the dressing room and the sales gal asks “how did you do?”… you can smile and say, “They were not my friends”.  The sales gals always laugh and immediately understand. 

We want to STOP the negative self-talk. Our brains are wired to believe what they hear, and most people do a lot more ‘negative’ self-talk than ‘positive’. It’s time to make a change!

Feel free to contact either of us for any questions. Or you can hire us to help you OUT OF YOUR CLOSET DRAMA, Via Skype/facetime or at your location.  

Ciao Beauties! ~Seana