Mindfulness Meditation

I believe that Mindful Meditation helped save my life.

My father took his own life when I was 14. The dark depression I fell into for a year following his suicide was something I will never forget. One year (almost to the date of my father’s suicide), I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 15. I believed the dark depths of my depression and broken heart manifested this cancer inside my body. As soon as I had that realization, I knew I had the power to turn it around… against all odds… I’m a survivor!

My meditation practice has been strong for 38 years.

For 35 years, I would tell anyone who would listen to my survival story, hoping it would help just one person understand the devastation and healing powers of the mind-body connection and, more specifically, what trauma can do to the body. 

Thirty-five years later, Harvard released a study validating trauma’s association to the most aggressive types of ovarian cancer! (See Dr. Gabor Matès video) 

It took “them” 35 years to confirm what I knew for sure, at 15years old! This is “why” we must advocate for our mental wellness and health. I am alive today to share my healing. I am a living example of the impact of trauma, and what the the mind-body connection can do, and how mindful meditation can help heal.

I’m looking forward to teaching you the healing powers of becoming trauma-informed and implementing your own healing meditation practice. 

This is a journey of “unlearning” and remembering the POWER of Self~LoVe.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindful Meditation is a mental training practice that involves focusing your mind on your experiences (like your own emotions & thoughts) in the present moment. 

Mindful Meditation practice couldn’t be simpler: 

Pay attention to the breath, and when your attention wanders, return to your breath. 

By following these simple steps, you can get to know yourself, up close and personal. 

I look forward to teaching you this healing practice of Mindful Meditation.

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