I learned how to listen to my thoughts and my body, and see where my truth was coming from…

I wanted to share my experience of my 90-day transformation course with Seana Mahoney. My journey started many years ago striving to make myself better emotionally, physically etc. I thought I needed to “fit in” be that person everyone wants/needs you to be and be around at the expense of yourself. It’s a tall order when you realize you don’t fit the mold (I don’t think anyone actually does, we just appear to). I was a person full of fear, shame, and plain old awkwardness and beyond uncomfortable in my own skin. So I tried many ways to feel normal and blend in all without much success, never trusting people or processes. One day a friend of mine added me to a group on Facebook. I did what i normally do and watch from a distance, amazed at all the people who seem to have success with life and actually seem to be enjoying it. Seana caught my attention the way she interacted and how she spoke just seemed magical. I can’t remember why or what I commented on, but we started a conversation in the message. I have to say she spoke through my BS and hit straight to my core, she offered a phone session to learn more about each other, and within a few hours, we were having a conversation. I know it sounds cliché, but that call has FOREVER changed my life.

I started the 90-day transformation journey, and I started off closed-minded but soon opening up like I never had before… Sharing my true deep thoughts and how I came to where I am.

Seana was able to change my shameful thoughts of myself to strength and power. I learned how to listen to my thoughts and my body, and see where my truth was coming from, and to listen to that voice and not the prerecorded tape I had of my self-worth, body image, and food mood.

Seana helped me start to love myself exactly where I am, not where I was hoping to get to, or where I thought I should be… but right exactly where I am at.

I am a changed woman because of Seana’s 90-Day transformation, someone I had always admired from afar on social media, but it turns out that it is me…..

If I have one recommendation of how to treat yourself and give yourself amazing love and self-care, it is “DO SEANA’S 90 DAY TRANSFORMATION!”  I promise you will change your life in the most positive way.

Seana is, and will always be my angel. My soul is eternally grateful.