In short, if you are thinking about working with Seana around trauma healing…DO IT IMMEDIATELY

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In short, if you are thinking about working with Seana around trauma healing…DO IT IMMEDIATELY. I know…who wants to dive into their own trauma and all the feelings that go along with it? What I can tell you is that you will be led through this work in a way that feels completely safe, supported, and dare I say, fun.

I have done talk therapy many times through my life. What I can say FOR SURE is that no matter how many sessions with varied traditionally trained therapists, I kept looping back to feeling the same way about the same patterns that were still showing up in my life. I can’t count the number of times I would think, “How am I here AGAIN?!”

The missing piece for lasting change is what Seana teaches. How to understand the connection between your mind, body, and behavior, and the tools to regulate yourself and create safety and agency for yourself. The skillset to be able to regulate my own Nervous System is the Ultimate Superpower. It is THE thing that has allowed real and lasting change in how I function in my life, and all of my relationships.

I have spent so many years trying to untangle “what is wrong with me” and “what is wrong with them?” And now I know, deeply, that there is nothing wrong with any of us. Everything that got me through life thus far, I can now see as an appropriate response for survival and, therefore, a victory.

Professionals will say “One person can change a relationship by how they show up in it.”

But HOW? What does that look like in real life?

The work Seana teaches is the HOW. My experience after working with her is a transformation in my relationships for the better, and finally feeling the true peace of being with myself and no longer living in the effect of people and circumstances around me.

It’s work worth doing and she is a truly magical guide through it to truly free yourself from “here we go again”, and move forward toward the life you choose.