I learned to allow all my feelings to have a place of honor in my life… to be heard, experienced and appreciated.

Jana Joy

When Seana told me about her Trauma Healing course, for my daughter and I, we jumped at it! 

I had just separated from my husband of 24 years and my daughter was just coming through a mental health crisis.  To say I was traumatized would be an understatement.

I consider myself very well informed on all manners of healing; from yoga to breath work, meditation to spiritual study, the 12 steps, to years of therapy.  However, this work with Seana taught me a whole new language that I was able to share with my daughter. 

The benefits I gained from this work are immeasurable. 

I learned to allow all my feelings to have a place of honor in my life… to be heard, experienced and appreciated. 

I learned that setting great boundaries is an act of love, for myself and others.

I learned even more about the Central Nervous System and Polyvagal Theory, which I only lightly touched on during my yoga teacher training.

Seana taught me great ways to regulate when I’m upset and how to best support others when they are dysregulated.

I learned the devastating effects of trauma and how it impacts the nervous system, creating destructive behaviors.

I learned about blended emotional states and to appreciate and welcome all of my emotions as wonderful cues to uncover the inner work I most need to address.

I found enormous benefit in her meditations and loved her thought-provoking questions.

Overall, I came away from this program feeling highly trauma-informed with a greater level of compassion for myself and my journey.  I feel better able to manage my emotions when triggered and safely co-regulate with others. I feel much more empowered and balanced and look forward to continuing this journey with Seana.

Words cannot express the level of gratitude I hold for Seana and this powerful body of work.

Thank you Seana from the depths of my heart.

Love, Jana Joy