I leave this 90-days empowered, proud of myself, and beyond excited to continue on in this journey.

A few months ago, my friend Seana Mahoney approached me about being part of a 90-day total transformation program that she coaches.  I’m not going to lie, when I was first asked if I’d like to do this with her, I was reluctant.  What does it entail?  What if it’s a bunch of things that make me miserable for the next 3 months?  What if I try and fail?  Is this just a new diet?  Oh no…am I gonna have to be vulnerable?!  These are the thoughts that always plague me before making any leap.  And it kills me that those reservations could have stopped me from experiencing this. I ended up taking the jump and decided to go all-in with her.  And I’m so glad I took a risk because what I gained was such an enriching and powerful experience that I can’t recommend it enough.  Every person I know would benefit from this!  But let me take a special nudging to you Mom friends.  You know how each day we take care of our households and children and pour into everyone but often neglect ourselves?  This is for you.  I also strongly urge you friends who have tried every diet under the sun and yo-yo’d your way back to the same place time and time again.  This is for you.  It was just a weekly phone conversation so it’s not going to be something that is too much for you to commit to with your current obligations, but the knowledge and tools you will gain are incredible.  Seana’s coaching has helped me with stress, made me more mindful, and taught me learn to offer the same grace to myself as I do to others.  She also individualized a plan just for me that is sustainable and lasting to make my body active and healthy. I read a quote the other day that said, “One Day or Day One…You Decide.”  I’ve missed out on many things in life by saying one day and postponing.  My 90-day course has come to an end, but I now take with me what I’ve learned, and I realize that it truly starts now.   Today’s my day one.  I hope it’s yours too. 

Jennifer P