With Seana’s love, knowledge, and guidance through it – it is amazing what I discovered inside of myself.

I have known Seana on a surface level for many years and I cannot tell you how blessed and grateful I am that I reached out to ask her advice on ONE THING.  That conversation led to her asking me some questions, and those questions stuck with me.  I turned them over and over in my mind and KNEW as things clicked into place in my head that this one conversation helped me more than the over 2 years of doctor visits.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money on this program honestly.  I tell everyone now that it paid for itself within 3 weeks.  I wish I had completed this work earlier in life.

Working with Seana has been utterly and irrevocably life changing.  Her 12-week program has been so life changing for me, that it has literally affected my physical appearance to others.  I am getting stopped with comments like, “I wasn’t sure that was you, I had to do a double take” and “did you lose weight?” / “did you change your hair? The color?”  A friend said it best, “it’s like your aura has completely changed, lifted.  You look so much lighter.”  The only thing that had changed was I was working with Seana.

*I* needed a trauma therapy type program?  When most people in society (before this training – I was included) hear this word, they think TRAUMA, meaning that there was one solid horrific incident that happened which changed the person’s life forever, etc.  What most people do not even recognize, let alone speak of, is the type of trauma with a small t.  Every single person has had small t trauma – repeatedly, throughout their life, whether or not they even realize it.

Small t trauma can be an event, a word, an action – even something that appears insignificant to 99.9% of the observers.  It’s the type of trauma that a person takes in and wreaks havoc inside their mind. It can make a person decide they are not good ENOUGH, thin ENOUGH, fat ENOUGH, likeable ENOUGH, noticed ENOUGH, they are TOO outgoing, TOO flashy, etc.  The event(s) that make someone think they are simply not enough, worthless, or perhaps unlovable.  Or that they are somehow broken, lost, or perhaps not the same as others they encounter in the world. These thoughts percolate throughout their life and play a part in developing how they react to the outside world and its events. 

How do I know this?  Simply put, with Seana as my guide, we explored this, in my life, together.  When I started the program, I referred to myself as broken.  I quickly learned about the neuroscience behind this feeling and that I absolutely was not broken at all. 

Seana lead me through this program of self-discovery with love, patience, humor, and understanding.  She asks all the right questions to get me to think, and helped me discover the things that have been holding me back – quite simply put – MY internal dialogue. 

Simply put, this program is WORK.  But with Seana’s love, knowledge, and guidance through it – it is amazing what I discovered inside of myself.  After this one 12-week holistic program with Seana, I am off all medications that were thought to be so vital for me to be on.  I am in a space where I am more confident, more at peace, and more aware (and appreciative) of myself.

I cannot thank Seana enough for being in my life; for leading me through this program.  She 100% has changed my life with this work.  Thank you, Seana. Thank you for being you.  I am beyond blessed to know you and to have worked with you.  I will always be grateful for you.