Seana pulled me out of my black hole & got me headed in the right direction.

Lori C

When I made the decision to start working with The Health Coach Gals, my
decision was based on my knowledge of Seana being a two-time cancer
survivor & also her being one of the most positive souls I had ever met.

I was in a dark place based on some career decisions that I had recently made. I felt lost and needed to get out of my own head and clear the noise.

Through her 90-day Transformation program, Seana pulled me out of my
black hole & got me headed in the right direction.

After the first few coaching calls, I thought “well I’m picking up some good stuff” but as we got
further into our coaching, I realized that I had no idea of the long-term consequences of how I was living and the impact it had on my body and quality of life. I thought I was making healthy choices but when in reality, I was not. My nutrition choices were adding to my trouble.

Seana helped me initially navigate through what was important to me and my priorities to customize
our coaching sessions. She took time to really listen and to understand me. Seana has a way of getting
into your head without judgement and guide you along your personal path to a healthy life through
nutrition and movement. Weight loss was certainly something I needed but she never made our
sessions about weight loss or exercise. She understands that one’s self-image is the baseline for all
things “healthy” and nothing happens until you understand your priorities and how your every-day
decisions are either aligned or not with getting you to your goals in life.

What could have been an overwhelming process was made easy with Seana’s personalized & systemized approach. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a quick fix and I’m not saying there wasn’t accountability, but that’s exactly what I needed! With Seana’s help, I was able to laugh and have fun while learning how to get “healthy” the right way, the sustainable way! I learned so much about myself and that I give 100% to my work, family and everything else but only “kinda-sorta” show up for myself.

Seana is the real deal and practice what she coaches every single day. She is so passionate about helping others, that it’s contagious!

Thank you for getting my head and body aligned to meet my personal goals Seana!

Lori C