The last few months, I have worked weekly with Seana, and we took a deep dive into my soul.

Seana and I have been friends for many years, and she has witnessed a lot of tragedy in my life, first hand. Even before I made the decision to work with Seana on my Trauma, she had already been by my side, helping me navigate the waves of loss and sadness. Forever my cheerleader, she is. It was very exciting for me when she decided to further her education and become a certified trauma informed coach! I jumped into her Trauma Healing program the moment she offered her program to me!!!

The last few months, I have worked weekly with Seana, and we took a deep dive into my soul. What was astonishing to me, was to see my pain, not just in an emotional way, but to look at my pain dissected physically. Seana taught me about what trauma actually is and about the impact of my emotional trauma.

What my triggers are, and why?

Where I was holding/feeling pain in my body, and why?

How it got there…and how to heal it! 

Looking at scenarios in different ways that help me, and others I am in relationships with. She also taught me about my nervous systems control panel and gave me so many emotional regulation strategies, that help me self-regulate and co-regulate… and so much more!!!! I have had my fair share of therapy, but I have never experienced anything quite like the work I am doing with Seana.

In my new emotional toolbox, I now can self-regulate and effectively manage my responses to an experience. I can step back and see when I am clearly in a reactive state, where I would usually lash out, disconnect, isolate, and become immobile. In my work with Seana, I am now more emotionally flexible. (Blended States as she calls it.)

Seana’s Mindfulness Meditation practice, combined with her Trauma Informed practice, is life-changing work.

There has not been one moment since working with her that I have not caught myself when I was feeling triggered. I now deeply understand the messaging my nervous system is informing me of, based on the history of my past. I understand now that these are automatic responses from my past that I no longer need to bring with me into my future.

Life is hard enough, but adding a Pandemic that has rocked the entire world has not been an easy emotional place to be in. We are all going through some form of trauma and loss right now. However, I now have the tools to wake up every day thinking about what is going well for me. I see life differently now because of my work with Seana, and I am in a place of calm and harmony (in a pandemic!)  Even as I continuously get my daily dose of bad news, I can manage. Simply said, but I CAN MANAGE… I’VE GOT THIS!!!

I know that it’s ok to be angry. I know that when I’m triggered that it is an appropriate response from my nervous system, just trying to keep me safe. I know, now, when my feelings are trauma driven. I am learning boundaries, how to love myself, respect myself, and how to self-regulate and find within myself a rational & blended state of being.

Thank you Seana, you have changed my life and I am forever grateful and blessed to know you, to work with you and to call you my friend.

I’m excited for our next 12 weeks together… Let’s do this!

~Michelle E.