I will start by thanking Seana Mahoney for saving my life.


I don’t even know where to start, because I’ve come so far, so fast!

So, I will start with thanking Seana Mahoney for saving my life. I don’t say this lightly. I was in the darkest place I had ever been. I knew I needed HELP, and fast. Even the coping tools my therapist was giving me weren’t working. I felt like my depression was winning for the first time in a long, long time. I didn’t know I could cry this much! The FEAR…Cov19, isolation, death tolls, & breaking NEWS had taken me to a place I had never visited. I could feel it in my body, not just my mind this time. I was lost in my darkness, with no way out! 

I saw a post on Facebook offering FREE meditations, during this pandemic. But that’s not what caught my attention. It was the angelic beauty, and her 10 minute guided meditation that was attached to the post. I clicked on it, and I instantly felt loved and safe. How could a 10 minute guided meditation help LIFT me from the heaviness of the darkness I was in? HOW?!

Needless to say, I reached out to her. Seana spent an hour on the phone with me pouring love into my emptiness. Validating my fears. Helping me understand that this was an appropriate response from my nervous system, and giving me tools to help regulate my nervous system when I was triggered and/or feeling dysregulated.

How could a one-hour phone call change my life so drastically? I ask myself this question every day. And the answer is always the same… ‘Seana is pure love’. I have never felt safer and loved in my lifetime, than I have by Seana.

 Seana generously took me on as her meditation client. The meditation practice I am building on is easy. She had me start with one minute in the morning, and one minute in the evening for a week. I now have a 20-minute meditation practice as my ‘daily self-love ritual’. She also taught me several breathing techniques that I use ALL DAY LONG, as needed.   

 Seana, your generosity will never be forgotten. You are my earth Angel.