If you are experiencing life in any state of freeze or anxiety or trauma, I would urge you to let Seana guide you.


I’d like to start by saying how incredibly blessed I am to have experienced this 90-day program with Seana. 

Seana and I have been friends for a number of years. It has always been a friendship that no matter how much time had passed, I could count on for a safe place to go, and now I understand more deeply than ever, why that is. 

Back in January, I had a phone conversation with my friend Seana about my current life situation and she immediately took me on as a client and gave me the help I so desperately needed, before I even realized I did. I am forever grateful and now healthy enough to share it here with all of you who might be considering taking her course. 

I am a recently divorced mother of two teenage children. A year and a half ago, my then 18-year-old son made a choice that not only affected his entire life but mine as well. While he was home on winter break from college he experimented with Psilocybin mushrooms, while alone, he had a very bad experience and committed a horrific crime that left him physically and emotionally traumatized, and ultimately after months of court, has resulted in a two-year prison sentence. This was something I, as a parent, was never expecting. My son is a really good boy who had never been in any trouble prior to this incident. He never intended to commit this crime, he was the only one physically hurt and doesn’t even have cognitive memory of it. So, he was completely traumatized, and in return, I felt helpless and then completely froze when he actually was sent to prison. 

This Trauma was heavier than any I’d ever carried for myself, to have my child in such an unsafe place, especially at this time in history, has, as you can imagine, left me in a completely dysregulated emotional state, and doing a poor job helping my 15-year-old daughter (still at home with me) and who was struggling herself. 

I am a yoga teacher, so I was well aware of what the stress was doing to my body. Also, I have been practicing daily meditation for years and, while I was still maintaining these modalities, it was more like I was there but not really, as Seana says, I was “phoning it in.” 

Not until I began the incredible journey with Seana did I begin to actually tune back inward, not only on my yoga mat, but into my life. To identify this Trauma as it was, and all the other little traumas from my history that were clearly still triggering me, and was obviously too much for my nervous system to handle. My emotional state was living in a “freeze” state, and Seana’s course was the first step to help regulate me, and get me “unstuck.” 

It was a very intense 12 weeks to come. Seana was very compassionate, but also direct in all of our sessions. All of the tools that Seana’s course teaches, seemed to come at a divine time. Although the work was not easy, it was well worth the weekly commitment, and I was never alone, even when I was not in session, Seana continually encouraged and reminded me to stay regulated and that it was ok to have “all of the feelings, all of the time.” 

I’m happy to say that I am now in a much better place, even if my son is not. I’m also much better equipped to help him through this because I am no longer emotionally stuck. I’m not always in my perfectly regulated state, but I’m never stuck in a dysregulated one either, and for me, that’s everything. I feel better, enjoy my meditation and yoga practice more (and FEEL them more as well), and I’m sleeping!!! Huge One!!!  

If you are experiencing life in any state of freeze or anxiety or trauma, I would urge you to let Seana guide you through this incredible 12-week program, that will become a way of living your life safely, emotionally regulated and healthier, from the bottom up. 

Much love and light, 

Roxanne Rogers